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What to Expect

What should I bring to the appointment and do beforehand?

To ensure you get the most out of your session, bring as much information for your tutor as possible. For instance,
  • Bring your prompt or assignment so your tutor can understand the assignment.
  • Consider what you want to cover with your tutor (e.g. organization, thesis statement, style, MLA format, or punctuation). Try to think of errors you often to make.
  • Bring a printed copy of your paper, if possible. An electronic copy works too, but your tutor may ask you to print it in our computer lab before starting your session.
  •  Bring another paper graded by your instructor so your tutor can get a sense of trends in your writing.
  •  Bring a completed practice PUG exam or grammar exercises if you are studying for the PUG exam so that your tutor can help you with the grammar and punctuation issues that challenge you the most.
What can I ask the tutor to work on with me?
We can work on almost anything! You may come to us for help at any stage in the writing process from brainstorming to planning to final touches. We will help you with traditional essays and any other writing projects — electronic media presentations, cover letters, speechs, poems, short stories, theses and more. You name it, we can probably help with it.
What typically happens in a session?
We tailor each tutoring session to your goals. Tutors usually focus more on issues such as organization and clarity before addressing style and grammar.  Often tutors will read your paper out loud, so you can hear what works and what does not. During the reading, the tutor may stop and discuss your work, but sometimes the tutor will read through the paper and wait until the end for commentary. Each session is unique because it is based on your writing project and your needs.
Which tutor should I work with?
While all of the tutors are capable of helping you, some specialize in 1300/1310/1320 classes, MLA/APA, religious studies, brainstorming, PUG, and many more. To see the tutors and their specialties, view Our Staff Page.
Important Policies and Procedures
  • We are free for all currently enrolled Texas State Students with a valid Texas State ID!
  • We are not an editing service. While we can help with grammar and fine points of writing, we will not proofread your paper and fix every error we find. Instead, we work with you to improve your writing skills and help you become a better editor of your own papers. Nevertheless, you will leave with an improved paper.
  • Late appointments will be canceled. If you are five minutes late, your appointment will be removed from the schedule and marked as missed.
  • Accounts are blocked after three missed appointments. Be sure to cancel an appointment if you will not be able to make it.
  • All writers must be present for group projects. If you are collaborating with another writer or writers, all of you must come to the tutoring session, or we will not be able to help you. Because we are tutors, not editors, we cannot provide assistance to students who do not attend the tutoring session.
  • You can receive assistance a maximum of one hour per day. We have this policy to provide you time to implement the discussions with your tutor.
  • You will improve as a writer and your paper will be better when you leave the center, but we cannot predict your grade or tell you if your paper is “good enough.” Every instructor has different standards, and we do not evaluate work in this manner.
All of your sessions remain confidential. Unless you give us permission, we will not tell your professors, friends, or family that you have been here or what we talked about with you.