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Request a Traveling Teacher

Don't cancel that class! The Round Rock Writing Center staff is prepared to visit your class and lecture on a variety of writing-related topics and/or run peer review/writing workshops. See list below for some possible options. Please submit your online request form here. We must receive your request 48 hours in advance.

Acing the Academic Essay
This activity provides your students with a solid foundation in effective essay writing by addressing many of the most common challenges, including brainstorming, audience, voice, introductions, thesis statements, P.I.E., conclusions, and proofreading.
Surviving the In-class Essay
Many students fear essay exams. In this workshop, we stress that with preparation they can change essay exams from exercises in terror into an opportunity to show their professor how much they've learned.
Research Methods
Student learn about each step of writing a research paper including selecting a topic, developing a working thesis, choosing good sources, properly citing sources, drafting and revising.
The Thesis Statement
In this workshop, participants learn how to construct strong thesis statements. We will also demonstrate how having a strong thesis facilitates the drafting process. All participants will bring one thesis statement to work on during the workshop.
Writing with Style
In this workshop, students will learn how to make their papers clear, direct, and interesting by beefing up their writing style.